MANAGE-CARE is currently the largest public health project in the chronic care sector funded from the European commission. It consists of 37 partners covering nearly the whole European Union, but also covering a different spectrum of expertise and various stakeholders in the field of diabetes related chronic care management.
MANAGE-CARE focuses onto the development of chronic care management standards and guidance in Europe. The goal is to develop applicable standards for clinical pathways as well as guidelines and training curricular for health care professionals using these standards.
Starting with diabetes as a chronic care example, MANAGE-CARE will develop an innovative chronic care model applicable also for other chronic diseases. This model will adequately include the needs, especially of elderly population but also including the young population increasingly affects with chronic disease, as well as challenges given by the changes in the health care systems and financing structures in the European countries. The final deliverable of MANAGE-CARE will be a practice toolkit for the development of chronic care management programs applicable to health care management organisations, scientific and medical associations, but also insurance and payer stakeholders as well as the political partners.