Work package 5 – European Practice Compendium

Elderly with T2DM suffering from an increasing amount of comorbidities have other needs and often also other priorities as compared to their younger peers. However, most current treatment models and guidelines do not take these specific needs and priorities into account. In WP5, these specific needs and priorities of elderly with T2DM and comorbidities will be assessed and addressed. Firstly, current management models and guidelines mentioned in the state-of-the-art and scientific evidence overview of WP4 will be assessed on the presence of adaptations in light of elderly-specific needs and priorities. Any best practice example or recent scientific research addressing these age-specific needs and priorities will be withheld and used in the development of a European Practice Compendium (cfr infra, current WP) and in the MANAGE-CARE MODEL (WP6). Additionally, for the purpose of the assessment, the needs and priorities of elderly with T2DM and comorbidities will be defined on the basis of a survey (WP4). Existing research in this area (IMPROVE project) and key expertise among the project partners in this area will be leveraged.  Finally, a European Practice Compendium will be developed. This Compendium will be an integration of the information extracted from the current disease management models (WP4), recent scientific evidence (WP4) and the abovementioned patient information (WP5). The combination of these data sources will ensure the development of a scientifically up-to-date and patient-centred Compendium in which the needs, priorities and participation of the elderly patients are reflected.  In the whole process of information gathering, assessment and Compendium development, both health and quality of life (e.g. prevention and early diagnosis of depression) aspects will be assessed and addressed.