Work package 8 – Patient Empowerment Booklet

Since the new chronic care model is patient-centred, empowerment of patients (and their environment) in taking an active role in the management of their condition(s) is mandatory. In WP8 a training program will therefore be developed, focusing specifically on empowerment of these elderly patients with T2DM. The focus will be individual involvement assessment and individualizedprioritization of management goals. Telemedicine will be addressed as well during this educational program, since it is an innovative technique which may come across as ‘complicated’ to most elderly. Research has revealed however that adequate use of telemedicine not only benefits healthcare professionals, but also enlarges the self-management and decision making capacities of the patient and enables him/her to be in better control of his/her condition and benefit as such from improved health and wellbeing-related outcomes. Aspects focusing on home based disease management strategies will as such be an important aspect of the educational program. To ensure that the needs and views of end users (elderly) on this empowerment program are addressed, a pilot study of acceptance and practicability of the program will be conducted involving at least 100 patients (and their informal carers) in different EU countries. Subsequently, a Patient Empowerment Booklet on active ageing with T2DM will be developed containing the educational program with its core elements. In addition, an e-Health portal for patients will be developed on which the educational program will be available as well. Both will be user-friendly and specifically designed to be accessible for older people.

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