Work package 1 - Coordination

This work package presents all essential management activities prior to the start of the project, while to project is running and to finish the project. Major part of this work package is the steering committee organization and work and the organization of the project conventions. To realize the objectives of this working package in a first step the Steering Committee will be defined which is responsible for the overall coordination of the project and functions as a central unit for the internal project communication. Furthermore the Steering committee will organize the kick off, follow up and final convention and will instruct the working groups to elaborate specific tasks, collect information about the work progress and request a regular report related to the proposed milestones, indicators and deliverables.  

The working groups are the smallest units of the MANAGE-CARE-project where the expertise is analyzed and summarized to aggregate it for the specific project achievements. Every partner can participate in two working group meetings, which can belong to one or two work packages. The Steering committee has to identify problems which constrain the working groups’ progress and assist to solve them. The project coordinator and the steering committee will present the guidance for founding the working group and to coordinate the work packages. The project coordinator develops a website for the project to coordinate the working groups and to provide updated information about project progress and project deadlines as well as contact information about the participating partners to all other partners. A monthly newsletter will update the participating partners about the stage of work in all working groups. An important coordination instrument is the fixed date for the follow up and final convention which will act as deadlines for milestones and deliverables. This will help the working groups to focus their work and finish it on time prior to the next convention.