Work package 2 -Dissemination

The specific objective of this work package is the dissemination of the project’s results. Considering the multifaceted target audience the dissemination strategy can be divided into two major components: expert information via scientific publications and general information via mass media.  The following duties and responsibilities have to be carried out by the members of this work package: 

  • Placement of the final results on the Internet in English, German and French as well as translation into the national language of each participating country; 
  • Publication of the final results in magazines and bulletins devoted to public health in the countries; - Publication of the final results in conference materials; 
  • using information and marketing structures of the partners and partner organizations to disseminate the results; 
  • Edition of European guidelines, available as hard-copy and as E-version on the internet; 
  • Edition of a European curriculum for professionals, available as hard-copy and as E-version on the Internet; 
  • Edition of printed material describing the European chronic care management and evaluation; 
  • Distribution of information about the program among the EU countries, EEA and candidate countries during conferences devoted to public health; 
  • Establishment of an internet platform offering an E-health training program; - Central coordination of the external communication (Public Relation/Media contacts); 
  • Presentation of the final results and of a dissemination strategy at the final MANAGE-CARE project convention; 
  • Development of dissemination-tools and products like patient education guides, quick reference guides, slide kits and download documents. 

These dissemination tools and products can be culminated together at the project and national websites.