Work package 3 - Evaluation

The work to be carried out by this work package will be: - to develop evaluation tools for process and outcome evaluation; - to ensure that the working progress of the work packages is within the given timeframe of the project timetable; - to identify delays in working group progress and also the problems causing these delays; - to intervene in order to allow the compliance with the timetable, for example by modifying goals and objectives which are not feasible; - to compose a final report which outlines the central outcomes. The continuous evaluation of the project is the instrument to ensure the project progress to achieve the proposed objectives. A short evaluation report is required monthly from each working group chairman (the report can be very short but should be given even if there was no progress in the last month). This information is used also for the monthly newsletter and even more important to identify problems thus having the chance to intervene at an early stage to ensure continuous project progress. To the final meeting of the MANAGE-CARE project representatives of the relevant EU institutions and international organizations including representatives from professional organizations, politics/administration, health insurances and patients’ organizations are invited to discuss the project results and their dissemination and implementation.  At the end of this public health project a final report is published, including the achievements and results of all working groups concerning the development of Chronic Care Management Programs in Europe.