Work package 4 – State-of-the-art

The focus of this WP will be on creating an overview and comparative assessment of current European disease management models and available scientific evidence focusing on the complex treatment and care of elderly with T2DM and associated comorbidities.  Firstly, information will be gathered on existing national disease management programs and guidelines across the EU. This info will be collected through a standardized set of questions, representing the structures, processes and quality of diabetes care in different countries. This survey will be conducted (based on the Global Diabetes Survey technology) involving all key stakeholders in diabetes care in the EU. Survey data will be combined with desk research and direct contact with important sources, including other national chronic disease associations, relevant Ministries. Subsequently an overview of these programs and guidelines will be created and a comparative analysis will be performed by using indicators developed. Based on this assessment, best practices which can be applied to the field of elderly with T2DM and associated comorbidities will be defined and fed into the MANAGE-CARE MODEL (WP6). Secondly, after describing the state-of-the-art, a systematic literature research will be performed focusing on scientific evidence regarding the specific treatment and care of elderly suffering from T2DM and associated comorbidities. The main target here is to update the state-of-the art description with scientific evidence specifically related to the complex interaction between T2DM and comorbidities in elderly, both on diagnostic and treatment level. Several of these topics have been researched more intensively over the past years but the conclusions have not been incorporated in the current diabetes management programs. Scientific evidence which is directly applicable to the field of treatment and care of elderly with T2DM and associated comorbidities will also be fed into the MANAGE-CARE MODEL (WP6).